FEA Study Update: The Implications of New Design Values for Southern Pine Lumber & Timber Markets


The full matrix, in-grade testing on Southern Pine visually graded lumber is now complete. The Southern Pine Inspection Technical Committee met on July 18 & 19 to discuss the results and arrive at preliminary recommendations. Although design stresses for the wides will not suffer reductions as large those of 2x4, bending (Fb) values will be reduced by 15% - 25% for all grades and sizes. Furthermore, stiffness (MOE) will be reduced by approximately 5% for the bulk of the volume.

What are the implications? To provide an answer to this question, Forest Economic Advisors, the premier source of information on the wood products industry, has undertaken an update to its original study.

In this update, FEA lays out a clear and concise explanation of the changes in design stresses and what they will mean in specific end-use markets. The analysis quantifies and forecasts the potential demand loss for visually graded southern pine lumber. Finally, the report details likely solutions and substitutes for each relevant market application.

This detailed quantitative analysis and forecast will help lumber manufacturers, TIMOs, REITs, component fabricators, pro dealers and distributors gain an in-depth understanding of the impact this issue will have on business in the upcoming months and years.


FEA’s Southern Pine Design Value Report will help you answer questions, such as:

This report is a must-read for anyone who needs to understand what these proposed design stress changes really mean.


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