9th China Global Wood Trade Conference
Chongqing, China
September 7-8, 2019

The 9th China Global Wood Trade Conference (GWT China) was held in Chongqing on September 7 & 8 2019. This was FEA Canada-WOOD MARKETS 13th conference in China and was the fifth joint conference that FEA Canada-WOOD MARKETS has organized with the China Timber & Wood Products Distribution Association (CTWPDA) in China. The 2019 event addressed many critical market, economic and supply trends that have created uncertainty in China so far in 2019, including the U.S.-China tariff wars.

GWT China is an annual event where global wood traders meet in China. GWT China attracts more than 350 participants, including wood suppliers/exporters, importers, wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers as well as trade associations, industry experts, government officials and representatives of international organizations from more than 20 countries as well as from China.

September 7: One-day conference
September 8: Tour of Chongqing area (markets, logistics parks, sawmills and processing plants)